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Why is there Dental Implant fees Difference across clinics?

You may notice that dental implant fees varies differently across dental clinics even within same country or same clinic. Why? In general, conventional dental implant fees is separated and composed of 2

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Can I separate my dental implant treatments at different clinics?

Dental Implant Treatments at Separate Dental Clinics Many patients may have started their dental treatment at one dental clinic but decide that they may not be able to return to the same

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Dental X-rays and imaging done for Dental Implant Procedure?

Dental X-rays and Digital Imaging for Dental Implant Procedure Prior to the start of your dental implant treatment, your dental implant dentist will need to do an assessment with dental x-rays or digital

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Immediate Load Implants

What are Immediate Load Implants ? Immediate load implants or immediate function implants is the case whereby the existing teeth is removed and the prosthetics or false teeth are placed onto the

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