Are dental implants treatment right for me?

Regardless if you have single, several or all missing teeth or the cause on loss of tooth, dental implants treatments are a possible treatment option. Dental implants are suited for candidates that have missing teeth in posterior or anterior areas and does not require any adjacent supporting teeth that dental bridges required. Dental implants are also a suitable option if you are looking at having a fixed prosthetic solution. Unlike dentures, dental implants are permanently fixed and will not decay like natural teeth.

The most sure way to determine if dental implants is right for you is to consult with you’re dentist. Get a complimentary online consult by contacting Phuket dental implant clinics


To check if dental implant treatment is right for you, you’re dentist will normally first request for a panoramic x-ray to be taken to determine if there is sufficient bone for dental implants. For certain cases with uncertain bone conditions, you’re implant dentist additionally ask for a 3D CT Scan to provide a more thorough investigation to check if dental implants may be placed as a missing teeth replacement solution for you.

Check on what you might need to prepare before planning before you’re dental implants treatment or trip to Phuket.