Phuket is a well-known as a paradise destination for its white sandy beach and warm sunshine. Visitors have been travelling to phuket for dental implants treatments and dental treatments for more than a decade.

1. Phuket Attractions

Thailand has a wide variety of attractions with activities for all visitors. Having dental implants treatments done in Phuket enables you the opportunity to enjoy the beach and ocean waves while seeking treatment.

There are exotic foods, interesting culture and colorful shows; value shopping street; exotic elephant camps and limestone caves to explore; water parks, diving, snorkeling water activities on the white beach. Phuket’s beautiful secret islands and beaches of Phuket is a paradise for sunbathing or just taking in the scenic cool blue Adaman Sea waters filled with coral reef fishes. You can relax with numerous spas and massages and soak up the warm tropical sunshine.

2. Flights with international airport access
Phuket is easy to get to with many major airlines now flying in directly from from Australia, Europe and Asia Pacific to Phuket International airport (HKT).  With the new Phuket International Airport terminals, there are more frequent flights from Bangkok allows for transit or stop-overs. Phuket’s domestic and international terminals are located side by side within the same airport compound reachable by walking without the need for additional bus or train transport.

3. Thailand as medical tourism destination
Although Thailand has always been known for its friendly thai hospitality, Thailand is also increasing also now known for its modern medical technologies and developments in the medical field as well as dental implants treatments technologies. State-of-the art diagnostic tools and safety equipments coupled with international accreditation granted to many hospitals and clinics showcase the increased sophistication and treatment standards in Thailand.

Many Thailand doctors and dentists are increasingly trained overseas from USA, Germany, Europe or Asia Pacific region. Phuket dental clinic is one of the few dental center that has an American board certified dentist.