What are my missing gap options?

If you are missing one or more teeth, there are several dental treatment options in replacing missing teeth that includes:

Dental implant

1. Dental implant
Dental implants ideal tooth replacement options that is fixed and stable. Dental implants tends to enable natural looking teeth and ihelps stimulate jaw bone under the tooth preventing bone loss. If bone loss is left unresolved over time, this can cause changes to facial appearance . Dental implants may have higher up-front cost but they tend to be long listing and will not decay.

Tooth-supported fixed bridge

2. Tooth-supported fixed bridge
Dental bridges compose of multiple units of crowns commonly used to replace missing gaps between healthy adjacent teeth. Dental bridges are fixed and treatment may be completed within a few days. Dental bridges however require the intentional grinding away and use of healthy adjacent teeth to the missing gap to support the dental bridge.


3. Dentures
Partial dentures are an economical and quick treatment option in replacing missing gaps that may be completed within a few days. Partial dentures is however a removable prosthetic option requiring cleaning and maintenance. Patients especially with full dentures sometimes experience stability and comfort issue. Dentures may affect speech and eating.

If unsure on which treatment option is suited for you, consult with you’re dentist to determine if dental bridges, dentures or is dental implants best suited for you.


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