Tooth Implant

Dental implant with crown is used to replace a single missing tooth.
Conventional tooth implant with crown are normally done in 2 stages or 2 trips.
Stage 1 : Placement of tooth implant post surgery
Stage 2 : Building of crown over tooth implant post

tooth implant

During the stage 1 tooth implant post surgery, you’re implant dentist and implant prosthodontist will conduct a consultation and planning. This includes an initial examination, x-ray taking of teeth and taking note on questions about your dental and medical history. Discussion of your treatment options and final plan for dental implant is then done.

After the stage 1 tooth implant post surgery, the tooth implant post is typically left to integrate with the jaw bone called osseointegration for about 3 to 6 months or more.


During this osseointegration waiting period:

  • If you are fine to have a missing gap, a healing cap is simply screwed over the implant post and left to heal
  • If teeth is required at all times, temporary prosthetics as such a removable temporary partial dentures may be worn; in certain cases, a temporary fixed bridge is made between adjacent supporting teeth; or in chosen cases with good bone condition, a temporary crown may be placed immediately onto the implant post after the stage 1 tooth implant post surgery

During the stage 2 building of crown over tooth implant post, the healing cap or temporary crown is removed and tooth impression taken of the healed implant site. The tooth impression is then sent to the dental laboratory in having the permanent dental crown on implant post made.

Tooth implants form a strong foundation for your replacement tooth. You are normally able to return to work the next day after tooth implant treatment.


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