Choosing Phuket Implant Dentists

Why is it important to find a certified dentist for my dental implant treatment?

Who you choose to restore your missing teeth is just as important as the treatment technique uses.

It is important to choose a certified implant dentist :

  1. To ensure you’re oral condition is properly diagnosed for a suited replacement option on you’re needs
  2. To ensure safety during dental implant surgery that dental implant are checked and positioned correctly, not affecting any nerve areas
  3. To obtain an aesthetic final outcome results. Chosen implant size, length, placement abutment plays a part on the how final crowns, bridge, overdentures look when you smile after gum healing

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How do I choose a certified dentist for my dental implant treatment?

All licensed thai dentists, granted by Thailand Dental Council, are certified and able to perform the full range dental treatment including of implant surgery.

Dental specialists undergo additional months to years of education, training coupled with experience before becoming competent in their specific areas of expertise. Related field of study to dental implants treatment include implantologists, periodontists, oral surgeons and prosthodontists.

An implantologist is a dentist who is specially trained and skilled in dental implant treatment that include a properly assessing your oral circumstances, planning an individualized treatment plan for you’re needs and perform the implant surgery and prosthetic safely. Some implantologists only treats the stage one dental implant post surgery, referring the stage two prosthetics on implants to a prosthodontist. Whilst some implantologists perform both the stages of the implant treatment.

A prosthodontist is a dentist who is specially trained on building the prosthetics (crowns, bridge, dentures) over the implant posts. If implant treatment is done by separate dentists, during the implant treatment planning stage prior to the start of stage one implant surgery, the prosthodontist typically first co-ordinates with the implantologist on the implant placement positions working together to achieve final prosthetic outcome. If the dental implant posts is not placed proper positions or pre-planned together, this can affect final aesthetic results for the crown, bridge or overdentures.

When looking for a certified dentist for you’re dental treatment, you may like to enquire on:

  1. Dental implantology, prosthodontics certification from university
  2. Years of experience
  3. Case portofolio