Steps to prepare for you’re dental implant treatment in Phuket:

1. Contact you’re Phuket dental clinic

After researching on you’re choice Phuket dental clinic, consult you’re Phuket dental clinic to advise on :

  1. time to stay in Phuket and how many trips is required
  2. estimate implant treatment costs
  3. check on the appointment availability of the specialist

There are certain public holidays in Thailand whereby dental clinics and dental laboratory may be closed. This include end Dec-Jan during new year and mid-April period during the Thai new year period.

2. Provide and bring along any relevant medical history or medications

The stage one dental implant post surgery is a surgical procedure. When contacting you’re phuket dental clinic, please do bring up any medical conditions especially such as heart conditions, diabetes or high blood pressure. If you are taking any over-the-counter and prescription medication, please bring along the medication names. You’re oral surgeon will need to be informed on medical conditions or medications for potential precautionary measures or advising you there is any need to first stop taking certain medications.

If you are a smoker, you’re dental specialist may also make recommendations on pre or post dental treatment care in order for you’re dental implant treatment to be successful.

3. Book an appointment, then you’re air-ticket and accommodations
After deciding on you’re trip to Phuket, provide you’re expected dates of travel and request for a dental appointment to you’re dental clinic. We will recommend wait for you’re dental clinic to get back to you on an appointment booking before you’re final air ticket purchase to ensure that the dental specialist at you’re phuket dental clinic is available during you’re period of travel and can start as soon as on arrival.

After confirming you’re appointment and air-tickets, book you’re accommodations nearby you’re dental clinic. Phuket island is relative large and transport can be expensive in Phuket, so it might be worth staying nearby. Some phuket dental clinics have hotel alliances or packages that you can email to enquire with them. But for flexibility and you’re hotel choice needs, getting an online booking is fast and you can get relatively good rates.

4. Activate you’re credit card and check you’re payment methods
If you are planning to pay for you’re dental implant treatment by credit card overseas, we advise contacting you’re credit card company while still back home to check and activate you’re card for use overseas. You should also check you’re maximum credit limit to be used aboard. If you’re amount is large, you will need to provide advance instructions to you’re credit card company to approve transaction coming through from you’re dental clinic. Some credit card companies impose a daily overseas limit.

Alternatively, bank transfers payment may also be done by some Phuket dental clinics. If doing a bank transfer, the typical processing time is at least 2 working days excluding Saturdays and Sundays for the amounts to reach you’re phuket dental clinic.

You may like to check money exchanges, credit card use, bank transfers at least 3 to 5 days prior to you’re travel date.

You are ready for you’re dental implant treatment in Phuket!