You may notice that dental implant fees varies differently across dental clinics even within same country or same clinic. Why?

In general, conventional dental implant fees is separated and composed of 2 stages of payment:

  1. Stage 1 : Dental Implant Post Surgery
  2. Stage 2 : Prosthetics Over Implants

See our list of reasons why there are different dental implant fees across clinics.

1. Different dental clinics phase the cost of dental implant treatment differently. Some dental clinics provide an online quote for just the Stage 1 dental implant post surgery.

The stage 2 prosthese over implants has not yet been included. So the crown, bridge or overdentures on the implants posts is a separate quote. So when checking the total cost of dental implant treatment fees, make sure you ask your dental clinic if the treatment fees is already inclusive of both 1st and 2nd stage dental implant treatment. This is, the total dental implant package and fees should include:

  1. 1st stage components: Dental implant post and healing abutment
  2. 2nd stage components : Abutment and Crown over implant

Some clinics charge you separately on having a healing abutment placed on after placing the dental implant post. Some clinics charge a separate fees for actual surgery placement and local anaesthesia. The 2nd stage abutment must be compatible to the 1st stage implant post. So it is always a good idea to request a quote for both stages of dental treatments  process together to plan for you’re total dental implant treatment.

Some dental clinics provide a one lump-sum full dental implant fees that includes both the dental implant post surgery and the prosthetic over implants. See Phuket dental implant fees.

 2. Dental Implant brands have ranges

Just like your car brands having different models. Dental implant brands have different implant models or ranges. Some range of implants have added properties allowing for a better quality treatment material and reseach.

The top few dental implant brands used world-wide include:

  1. Straumann Implants
  2. Nobel Biocare Implants
  3. SIC Invent Implants

Each of these implant brands have ranges include :

  • Standard Surface : normal implants are made of titanium and have a general rough surface to allow for jaw bone to wrap around  the implant posts
  • Active Surface : with Active implants, an additional chemical surface promotes jaw bone to integrate (osseointegrate) with the implant posts

In general active surfaces dental implants are more costly than normal surfaces implants. Active surface implants is recommended if opting for immediate implants or immediate load implants.

3. Dental Implants brands are manufactured in different countries

Dental implants brands are manufactured in different countries that relates to quality controls standards, production type, material specifications and labour costs. A dental implant produced in Switzerland may have stricter quality controls. As its raw material cost is higher, the actual dental implant fees is higher.

Research has shown that material specifications and manufacturing precision does correlates to some extend on success rates amongst other factors for dental implant treatment. Check where is your dental implant is produced from. An established dental clinic will keep track on its dental implant supply source.

4. Your dentist and implantologist qualifications

Another reason in treatment fees difference is based on your dentist qualifications related to dentist fee. In Thailand, all general dentists can perform dental implant surgery and treatment legally as long as they have a Thai Dental Council license. If you want to ensure that you are in good hands with success rates, choose a qualified dental implant specialist in Thailand.

The quality of treatment in Thailand can vary different with the skills of dentist, the standards and sterilization controls of each dental clinic. So check your dental implant dentist qualifications to ensure they are graduates in the field of implantology, prosthodontist, oral surgey or periodontics that are related fields of study to dental implant treatments. See Phuket Implant Dentists.

5. Your dental clinic sterilization controls and genuine dental implants

Do not forget to choose a trusted dental clinic that is established or trusted. You can choose a trusted dental clinic group by reputation, read up on patient reviews or simply check the dental clinics listing of dental specialists to see if they are graduates in speciality areas to guage the clinic’s specializations.

With the competitve markets today, dental implants may possibly not be an official product as claimed. You can always ask to check on the barcode of your dental implant package to check they are genuine products. Before dental implant surgery, request to have your implant removed from its packaging infront of you.

So research on dental implant fees before choosing your dental implant clinic.

To conclude, top reasons listing why dental implant treatment fees differs:

    1. Dental implant treatment consists of 2 stages. Check the total treatment fees for both phases.
    2. Dental implant brands have ranges & different surface properties
    3. Dental implant are produced in different country
    4. Check who your dental specialists qualifications
    5. Dental clinic quality and sterilization controls