What are Immediate Load Implants ?

Immediate load implants or immediate function implants is the case whereby the existing teeth is removed and the prosthetics or false teeth are placed onto the dental implant posts during the same phase after dental implant post placement.

Dental implant process for immedate load implants

Steps and process for immediate load implants that is done within one trip visit to your Phuket

  1. Implant post placement
  2. Make and fit the prostheses on implant

With a immediate loaded dental implants procedure, phase 2 (implant post surgery) and 3 (loading of prosthesis over implant) are done during the same phase. This means that a patient has new teeth in place during the same trip the implant posts in placed. Immediate load implants enables immediate function of teeth.


Why Immediate Loaded Dental Implants Procedure

Benefits of having immedidate load implant procedure include:

  1. prosthesis is placed shortly after implant placement enabling immediate function of teeth
  2. dental implant treatment timings is shorten with less trauma and an overall better patient experience

Immediate load implants are normally only done if there is good bone condition and thus done only for selected cases. Common types of immediate load implants include:

Contra-indications for Immediate Loaded Dental Implants Procedure

Your dentist or periodontist need to perform a comprehensive assessment before determing if immediate load dental implants are suited for each individual’s case. Immediate load implants requires:

  1. Adequate bone that is able to support the dental implant
  2. Scrupulous good oral hygiene
  3. Good general overall health
  4. Absence of teeth grinding habits
  5. Willingness to adhere to a soft diet for 8 to 12 weeks post surgery