Several Missing Tooth

If there are several missing teeth positioned together, dental implants fixed bridges may be done. Teeth implant with bridges reduces the number of implant units making it more cost effective to replace several missing teeth.

Several Missing teeth

If the missing teeth are positioned in separate locations, a combination of with teeth implant crowns and teeth implant bridges may be opted to restore teeth.
Replacing several missing teeth using teeth implant crowns or implant-supported bridges restore your teeth to fit, feel and functionality similar to new natural teeth.

Replace several missing teeth positioned in separate locations with dental implant crowns and dental implant bridges

dental implant crowns and dental implant bridges

Conventional tooth implants with bridges are normally done in 2 stages or 2 trips.

Stage 1 : Placement of teeth implant posts surgery

Stage 2 : Building of bridge over teeth implant posts

During the stage 1 teeth implant posts surgery, you’re implant dentist and prosthodontist perform a consultation with you. You’re dentists plans, examines, takings images of your teeth, asks you on your dental and medical history as well as discusses your treatment options.

On conclusion, if tooth implants are opted, the stage 1 teeth implant posts surgery are performed. The teeth implant posts are typically left to integrate with the jaw bone called osseointegration for about 3 to 6 months or more.


During the osseointegration period whereby toot implants fused with jaw bone:

  • If you are fine to be missing gaps, you’re tooth implants will normally have a healing cap screwed over the implant posts and left to heal
  • If you require to be with teeth all times, temporary prosthetics as such a removable temporary partial dentures may be made and worn; in certain cases, a temporary long span fixed bridge is made between adjacent supporting teeth;

During the stage 2 building of the bridge over teeth implant posts, the healing caps or temporary bridges is removed and tooth impression taken of the healed implant site. The tooth impression is then sent to the dental laboratory in having the permanent dental bridges over the teeth implants made.

Tooth implants form a strong foundation in replacing you’re missing teeth. You are normally able to return to work the next day after teeth implant bridge treatment or may be recommended for rest the following day if several locations on missing gaps are done.


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