Dental Implant Treatments at Separate Dental Clinics

Many patients may have started their dental treatment at one dental clinic but decide that they may not be able to return to the same dental provider to continue their dental implant treatment.  There are however several considerations you may have to keep in mind before deciding to change you’re dental provider or dentist:

  1. Having the dental implant post surgery done at one place and the prosthetics at another place may turn out to be more costly than a full quote with both stages done with one provider. 
  2. Separating you’re treatment at different dental clinics may also pose the issue that some dentists will not continue the work of another due to difference on final prosthetic planning and implant position placement. You’re prosthodontist (that makes the abutment/crown or natural tooth) should always plans the implant treatment with you’re implatologist (who places the implant posts) during initial stage in working hand-in-hand for a good overall outcome. If the implantologist places the dental implant in a different or difficult angulation or position, the prosthodontist may not be able to produce an aesthetic expected outcome.
  3. Another issue with having dental implant phases done at different clinics is having the correct or matching implant abutments and instruments to you’re existing implant system. Our recommendation is to always choose a globally used or well established implant system. And always retain all you’re prior dental implant information including the dental implant brand, dental implant range, size and tracking code.
  4. The warranty conditions for you’re dental implants may become a concern if seeking to separate you’re treatment.