Dental implant full bridge

Dental implant full bridge – Dental implant supported full bridges are an ideal long-term permanent solution similar to having a new set of teeth again. Separate dental bridges are fitted over each individual teeth implants post making it a strong lasting full jaw teeth implant option with the fit, feel and function to that of natural teeth.

Dental implant full bridge

Implant supported full bridges will however require sufficient bone support at anterior and posterior areas in order for teeth implants to have adequate support. It is also normally the most costly full jaw teeth implants option.

Conventional full jaw teeth implants with full bridges are normally done in 2 stages or 2 trips.

Stage 1 : Placement of teeth implants post surgery

Stage 2 : Building of dental bridge over teeth implants post

During the stage 1, you’re implantologist and prosthodontist perform a consultation, plans, examination, x-rays, and dental and medical history with you. You’re treatment options as discussed before final conclusion for dental implant full bridge.

After the stage 1, teeth implants post surgery is performed. The teeth implants postare typically left to integrate with the jaw bone for about 3 to 6 months or more.

During osseointegration, where teeth implants fused with jaw bone, a temporary full dentures is made and worn so that you have teeth at all times. During this period, soft foods and keeping the gums clean is required to enable healthy healing.

During the stage 2, dental bridges are built between individual teeth implant posts. A tooth impression is taken of the teeth implant posts site and sent to the dental laboratory in having the permanent dental bridges made.

Dental implant full bridges give a sturdy foundation in replacing you’re all missing teeth.