Zygoma implant

Zygomatic implants – Zygoma implants is possible full jaw restorative solution possible for cases with severe resorption in maxillary bone or upper jaw. Zygoma implants or zygomatic implants are long length dental implants done under general anaesthesia embedded into the zygomatic area. Conventional implants are placed in other anterior area to support a fixed prosthetic following All-on-4 concept (link to all-on-4 implants).

zygomatic implants

Zygomatic implants enable an immediate loading protocol with possible graftless treatment shortening treatment timings.


Benefits of Zygoma implants

– Immediate Function with possible fixed provisional bridge

– Possible graftless solution utilizing zygoma area and front bone volume

– Shorter treatment for time-to-teeth without conventional bone augmentation


Zygoma implants procedure

Zygoma implants with hybrid bridges are normally done in 2 stages or 2 trips.

Stage 1 : Placement of zygoma implant post and conventional implant post surgery. If bone is sufficient, provisional fixed or removal prosthetics is done

Stage 2 : Conversion of provisional prosthetics to long-term prosthetics